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High-Performance Ammunition

Revolutionary synthetic ammunition of exceptional quality.

9mm Luger 125 gr. Subsonic FSJ

Synthetic Ammunition

The 125 gr. Subsonic FSJ synthetic ammunition is a revolution of the classic 9mm. The exclusive spin of the classic bullet reinvents 125 grain below the speed of sound. The innovative design of lead bullets in hardened synthetic coats ensures optimal gas pressure tightness, highly reliable gun automation, and faster reloads.

9mm Luger 135 gr. Subsonic FSJ

Synthetic Ammunition

The 9mm Luger 135gr. Subsonic FSJ is a breakthrough in ammunition design. These rounds are ideal for shooters looking to enhance their tactical game. Formulated by champion IPSC athletes, our novel 9mm promises top-tier performance for trainings and competitions.

9mm Luger 150 gr. Subsonic FSJ

Synthetic Ammunition

“Introducing the 9mm Luger 150 gr. Subsonic FSJ. Designed to excel at both precision and dynamic shooting, this 150 grain full synthetic jacket projectile offers power, speed, and accuracy. As the heaviest in our 9mm “Round Nose” range, it delivers the softest recoil with each knockdown.”

.40 S&W 200 gr. Subsonic FSJ

The .40 S&W is one of the softest ammunitions currently on the global ammunitions market. The relatively high projectile mass gives this bullet a very gentle recoil, while reliably achieving the major power factor (170) on 5’’ barrel pistols. This heavyweight promises reliable knockdowns with each reload. The exclusive synthetic jacket prevents harsh metal-on-metal contact, reducing copper and lead fouling.

9mm Luger 124 gr. FMJ

Our 124 gr. 9mm Luger full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition offers excellent performance with low barrel wear, minimized lead vapor emission, and excellent bullet stability.

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